just a glimpse

So it’s my first time to do this and I literally had a hard time thinking what to write. Should it be about love? [PS: I’m really into cliches] fashion? social media? Haha! I’ll write about those soon but for now, I’ll be writing about my life first. How do i balance everything. From doing good at school (Modesty aside, but I ranked first in our class. A ‘yay’ for that) to being so active & updated in social media.                                                                                                                

Let’s get started people.


At this very moment (9:38 PM), a timid girl is sitting in front of her laptop, pondering a lot of things.


So currently we’re on our Christmas break. I’m happy, like who wouldn’t be happy? We’re finally taking a break from all those formulas, researches, programming and more! Some of my friends would probably go on vacations and I’ll just be here in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending like I don’t exist. Lol joke hahaha. It’s kinda true though. Every weekends if I’m home – I’m always in my bed, I barely go out to socialize with my neighbors and I’d just watch dramas or do my school works. But if i feel like going out, I’ll always be on  the mall. I spend my money on books, clothes & coffee/tea. Basically, that’s how I live.



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